Power Generation and Recovery

FACO: “ad hoc” solutions for cooling purposes and efficiency maximization in the power generation field. Gensets, cogeneration, heat recovery, gas turbines, filter houses, electric machines, special fluids treatment, etc.; FACO experience, design and production flexibility allow to find a fully customized solution for every kind of heat exchange requirement.

The ability to engineer fully customized solutions, together with the wide range of available materials, makes FACO heat exchangers and radiators suitable for any working condition, satisfying any requirement of resistance to aggressive environments, of low noise and vibrations levels, of seismic-proof and shock-proof structures; they are therefore appropriate for the most demanding fields, such as naval, military, oil and gas industry, offshore, nuclear etc.

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Remote radiators for internal combustion engines particularly suited to gensets. Multi-section execution, to allow the separate cooling of multiple fluids such as jacket-water, after-cooler, fuel, etc. Thermodynamic optimization specific to each size, make and type of engine. Fully personalized design to satisfy any layout, environmental and installation requirement (noise and vibrations control, corrosion resistance, seismic- and shock-proofing). SmartBox compact module available for easy integration into containerized genset units.



Specifically engineered remote radiators, suited to be used in cogeneration and tri-generation systems, fitted with low-consumption electric fans also available with electronic speed control, to get maximum energy efficiency and operation economies. Optional temperature probes and controllers for continuous self-regulation of the radiator, depending on climatic conditions.



Finned-block and bare-tube economizers, for heat-recovery from exhaust gases of boilers, internal combustion engines and gas turbines, with production of heated or superheated water, generation of steam or heating of diathermic oil. Wide range of manufacturing materials to withstand operations at high temperature and pressure, and aggressive environments as well. Airtight executions and specific solutions suited to be used with micro-turbines.



Heat exchangers for pre-filter and post-filter handling of feed air for gas turbines of any size. Modular, specialized solutions to compose wide heat exchanging surfaces, so to deal with massive air flows. Applications for air pre-heating at filter-house inlet. Air-cooling applications within the clean-zone (post-filter safety execution), to increase power plant efficiency.



Heat exchangers in special execution for the cooling of electric motors and generators. Oil-coolers for electrical transformers. Removable water-boxes execution, to allow inspection and mechanical cleaning, especially suited to fluids that contain fouling elements such as mud, weeds, microorganisms, lime, etc. Available also with safety double-tube and watch-chamber for immediate detection of leakages and full protection of the cooled equipment. Wide choice of materials and protective coatings for installations within heavy-duty environments.



Specific solutions for the cooling of mineral and vegetal oils, both alimentary and non-alimentary, and diathermic fluids. Specific designs for hydrocarbons air-coolers and air-cooled condensers. Lubricant coolers for heavy-duty bearings. Availability of copper alloys (CuNi90-10, CuNi70-30) and stainless steel (Aisi304, Aisi316) solutions for use in aggressive environments and with corrosive fluids.

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  FACO operates on an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. The thermodynamic design is carried out with the assistance of an in-house-developed software, based on parameters measured in the Company’s thermodynamic testing laboratory, built in accordance with ASHRAE standards. FACO holds the AHRI certification for the performance of the water exchangers. Conformity to CE directives in force is verified for all the production. Pressure vessels design pursuant to ASME VIII div.1 or EN 13445-2; other calculation codes and FEA-based design available on request. FACO has welding and brazing procedures and operators qualified to ASME IX and EN 9606, EN 15614, EN 13585, EN 13134 available. Heat exchangers can be designed and manufactured in anti-seismic or shockproof execution. ASME “U” designator (stamp) certified construction available.
For more detail, see sections Engineering and Certification.
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