Thermodynamic design performed with proprietary software, internally developed and validated, with experimental tests run in FACO’s own laboratory complying with ASHRAE specifications.

Heat-exchanging performances certified by AHRI, within the scope of AHRI Standard 410.

Pressure vessels design according to ASME VIII div.1 (design according to other codes available on request) or with 3D modelling and Finite Elements Analysis (FEA).

FEA calculation for shock and vibration strength analysis.

CFD fluid-dynamics analysis for the evaluation of the flow distribution within the heat exchangers and in the installation site.

Predictive analysis, factory tests and site tests of vibration and noise levels with measure devices interfaced with analysis software.

Assessment and design according to directives about Pressure Equipment (PED, 97/23/CE), Machinery (2006/42/CE), low voltage directive (LVD, 2006/95/CE), Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, 2004/108/CE). ATEX-compliant design and manufacturing available.

FACO operates on a ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

A specific software helps to select and balance components that interact and thereby determine the machine’s overall performance. Optimisation of thermodynamic performance, power consumption and sound level is obtained with the objective to select the most economical solution in relation to the client’s specifications.


A thermofluidodynamic analysis can be carried out when necessary to identify a solution capable of guaranteeing the desired performance, taking into account the complexity of the specific installation characteristics.


On FACO units intensimetric measurements are taken to determine the noise power level, which are then elaborated to estimate the open field noise pressure. Historic data collected and theoretic data related to components are used to provide reliable noise levels, even at the offer stage. To get the best results, FACO has provided itself with a class 1 analyser and intensimeter.