Dry Coolers and Condensers  

The availability of a wide range of materials and tube patterns for the production of finned block heat exchangers, and the high production and design flexibility, together allow FACO to supply custom-made dry-coolers and condensers suitable for use with numerous fluids, in the most varied operating conditions, guaranteeing the best results in terms of both performance and noise emission.

Genset cooling system, low noise design.
Special three layers coating for improved resistance in highly aggressive environments.
Compact design for optimized use of space.
Special design for quick installation and connection on genset containers.
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FACO’s fifty years’ experience in the supply of heat exchangers for industrial applications, which the dry coolers and condensers production benefits of, allows the company to supply units specifically designed to be employed in all the fields of application. Particularly, FACO units find their ideal applications when, in presence of strict dimensional and environmental constraints, high performances in terms of reliability, noise and thermal efficiency are required. The wide range of materials available for manufacturing the structure, the finned block and the tubes enables the units to deal with most fluids, such as water, fuels, technical gases, alimentary fluids.

• power generation
• cogeneration and trigeneration
• refining processes of bio-fuel
• production of vegetable oil
• processing of diathermic oil
• industrial processes, in general
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  The specialized knowledge acquired in the field of gensets has led to the development of SmartBox, designed for containerized installation: an extremely compact module that can be installed at one end of the container, featuring a heat exchanger covering the full height of three sides of the unit and fans flush-mounted on the upper panel. A dual section version of the SmartBox is also available to cool two separate circuits, such as the jacket-water and the after-cooler.  
Single section SmartBox for jacket-water cooling.
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The choice of the fans and of the coils depends not only on required thermodynamic and noise performances, but on the eventual compliance to specific norms or directives (e.g. ATEX) also, when applicable. Therefore, standard low-noise fans or custom built airfoil profile blades fans can be used, with direct coupling or with gearing, or with on-board controller. A vast range of accessories is available to enhance the basic machine, such as expansion tanks, level controllers and probes interfaceable with operating logics, connection pipes, on-off valves, filters, mesh screens, silencers and electrical systems with regulation, cut-off and protection devices.

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On FACO units, sound intensity measurements are taken to determine the noise power level, which are then elaborated to estimate the open field noise pressure. Historic data collected and theoretic data related to components are used to provide reliable noise levels, even at the offer stage. To get the best results, FACO has provided itself with a class 1 analyzer and sound intensity meter.

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  FACO operates on an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. The thermodynamic design is carried out with the assistance of an in-house-developed software, based on parameters measured in the Company’s thermodynamic testing laboratory, built in accordance with ASHRAE standards. FACO holds the AHRI certification for the performance of the water exchangers. Conformity to CE directives in force is verified for all the production. Pressure vessels design pursuant to ASME VIII div.1 or EN 13445-2; other calculation codes and FEA-based design available on request. FACO has welding and brazing procedures and operators qualified to ASME IX and EN 9606, EN 15614, EN 13585, EN 13134 available. Heat exchangers can be designed and manufactured in anti-seismic or shockproof execution. ASME “U” designator (stamp) certified construction available.
For more detail, see sections Engineering and Certification.
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